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1000 Monsta Proof of Plushie (MPOP) Plushie Collection of the World's First Space Generated NFT Project.
A project by Cake Monster & Monsta Party
? / 1000 MINTED
Monsta Proof of Plushie (MPOP) is a digital asset representing a 1/1000 Collection of Actual Replicas of the Monsta Plushie that went to Space.

There will ONLY be 1000 of these Plushies Made.
Contract address
// Mint
1 MPOP = 1 BNB
// Redeem
1 MPOP = 1 Plushie

To redeem Plushie, Burn 1 MPOP, and your Plushie will be delivered anywhere in the world.
// Mint NFT Drop
Minted MPOP will receive an exclusive series (1:1) Monsta Fashion POP NFT Airdrop from Fashion Photographer Marc Berman (
// Monsta POP Game
In the name of Monsta Fun, MPOP has a game built into it.
Trading / Redeem & MPOP Game will open after the launch sale.
// Tokenomics
1000 MPOP Max Supply
Deflationary (Burn on Redeem)
10% Buy / Transfer Tax
0% Sell Tax

10% Tax is Used to Buy Monsta
- 5% gets Burnt
- 5% gets added to the Monsta POP Pot.
// The Game
Every Buy >= 0.1 MPOP resets a Timer to 10 Minutes. After 10 Minutes runs out the bubble is ready to “POP” and the last user to Purchase >0.1 MPOP can 'POP' the bubble and claim the whole POP Pot. User has 10 minutes to claim whereafter the Pot will rollover if unclaimed.

After a successful claim the Pot restarts at 0 and the game restarts.
// Sale & Liquidity
MPOP sale will run for 30 days. Thereafter any unsold MPOP will be sent to the Monsta Community Wallet and be used for Community Rewards.

5% of the Supply (50 MPOP) is reserved for Liquidity Pools.

MPOP Will be paired with Monsta & BNB on Pancakeswap