Own a Piece of History
1000 Monsta Proof of Plushie (MPOP) Plushie Collection of the World's First Space Generated NFT Project.
A project by Cake Monster & Monsta Party
Monsta Proof of Plushie (MPOP) is a digital asset representing a 1/1000 Collection of Actual Replicas of the Monsta Plushie that went to Space.

Only 1000 of these plushies have been made and are available for redemption. Once they're gone, they're gone forever
Contract address
// MPOP Jackpot Game
Connect wallet to see current game results.
// The Game
Every buy of 0.1 MPOP (or greater) resets the jackpot timer to 10 minutes. When the timer runs out, the bubble is ready to "POP" and the last user to have purchased 0.1 MPOP (or greater) wins and is able to claim the prize pot. If a buy transaction is received before the timer runs out, it resets back to 10mins. The last Monsta standing will be declared the winner and has 10 minutes to claim their prize. Unclaimed prizes rollover to the next game. After a successful claim, the pot resets to zero and the game starts again!
// Redeem
1 MPOP = 1 Plushie

To redeem your limited edition Space Plushie, click the "Redeem" button to burn 1 MPOP. Your Plushie will be delivered anywhere in the world for free.
Plushie redemption is not indefinite. We'll announce in advance when redemptions will close/end.
// Tokenomics
1000 MPOP Max Supply
Deflationary (Burn on Redeem)
10% Buy / Transfer Tax
0% Sell Tax

10% Tax is Used to Buy Monsta
- 5% gets Burnt
- 5% gets added to the Monsta POP Pot.
// FAQ
Where can I buy MPOP?
How do I get an NFT?
If I buy more than 0.1 MPOP on PancakeSwap am I entered into the game?
Where do I claim my prize if I win?
What token/currency are prize pots paid out in?
What happens to my shipping information when redeeming my plushie?
Where can I see the chart for MPOP?
Contact: info@cake.monster